Banishing a Cold – An Essential Oil Testimonial

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doTerra Essential Oils for good health

Our family recently joined together in Bayfield, WI for a long weekend vacation along Lake Superior. Wonderful views, wonderful time with family, wonderful food, and…wait…yup…the onset of a cold!

It began on the second day of our stay and the only symptom was pain in my left ear when I yawned (did a bit of that as I WAS on vacation) or swallowed. Since I now travel with my essential oils, I broke out doTerra’s On Guard (a hefty blend formulated to support healthy immune function) and began rubbing that on the bottoms of my feet and side of my neck. I did this for several days thinking that, eventually, the symptom would go away. No such luck. Into the 4th day, I applied doTerra’s Breathe (more appropriate for congestion) to the same areas. I had better luck but symptom not gone entirely.

Well, enough was enough! I pulled out the big antiviral “guns”: Melaleuca and Frankincense oils. I applied a synergistic blend of both oils to the bottom of my feet and side of my neck with symptoms disappearing immediately and went to bed. Next morning I was symptom free for the entire day and ever since!

I began my exploration of essential oils with a bit of skepticism. However, with each successful experience I have had in the use of essential oils and testimonials from friends and family, the more my belief grows in their healing powers.  I am enjoying their daily use and love sharing my experiences with others.   Have you had an experience with essential oils that you’d like to share? Please post your comments. I’d love to hear from you!

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