Another Argument for Walking

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New Yorker article about connection between walking and writing.

I recently read this fascinating New Yorker article connecting walking with thinking/writing that makes sense to me. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have.

My days for consistent walking will soon be numbered for a couple of reasons. I own Annie’s Woolens, a very seasonal, online business. As we near the Christmas rush and throughout the rush, walking becomes almost non-existent for me as the demand for good service keeps me working well past the normal 8 hours per day. Our local weather is also a factor. Yes, it’s absolutely gorgeous right now. But once winter starts to migrate in (usually around mid-Oct.), my walks outside on our roads becomes sporadic. So…what am I going to do? I am currently weighing my options:

1) I can go for night walks outside. I have done this before with mixed results. The wind is calmer but it’s colder and, hey, DARK! Some of my night walks have been absolutely breathtaking (I DO use my headlamp, of course). But, it is, again, unpredictable and I usually go alone since Hubby has already worked out early in the a.m.

2) Oh, yeah, early morning! Our local High School has a beautiful Field House track that is open weekdays starting at 5:30 a.m. I used to walk and run there until I suffered a knee injury while training for a half-marathon. I have not returned there since but it is an option. Just gotta switch up my morning routine (a major thing in practice, not in theory).

3)Join a local gym. I have used a partial year membership at this gym to train for a half-marathon in the Spring when the roads and weather are inclement. I could go in at any time of day or night. I would opt for another partial-year membership to get me through the worst months.

O.K. My goal is to improve my walking mileage over last year during my busy work season. Stay tuned for which option I choose and why. Off now to get my walk in…

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Owner of Annie's Woolens since 1988. We design and make Personalized Christmas Stockings that connect families with Christmas tradition. Resident of Eagle River, WI since 1982. Loving our life in the Northwoods!
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