Walking is a daily goal

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Balsam Lane in the Fall

I have been a runner for much of my life. No long distance running (although I have completed 2 half-marathons).  Just running for good health and meditation. About 4 years ago I was training yet again for another half-marathon and developed a knee injury which left me out of commission for months before it was properly diagnosed. Since then, I have opted for the very occasional run but like to stick to walking as my daily regimen.

I don’t have time to walk each and every day but I try my best to take the time. It’s good

meditative time. Perhaps time to work out a problem I’m wrestling with. Or time to just soak up the daily beauty of my route. No matter what the reason, I am now logging in my miles with an online tracker just for fun to see how far I actually walk a week, month, or year. It’s a way to push myself,  if I want, and a way to be more mindful about how much walking I am getting done.

I am fortunate to live in a quiet area that has a 3-mile route that is beautiful. Throughout the year (and remember, our winters are long), I make it a goal to get out the door (no special equipment or clothing necessary) and walk each day. My body and mind thanks me every single time!

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Owner of Annie's Woolens since 1988. We design and make Personalized Christmas Stockings that connect families with Christmas tradition. Resident of Eagle River, WI since 1982. Loving our life in the Northwoods!
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