My Shiitake Mini-Farm


Shiitake Mushroom Kit

My neighbor was thoughtful in gifting me with a shiitake mushroom mini-farm/kit after returning from a trip to CA this winter. He knows I enjoy new things.

The mini-farm comes with very clear instructions on how to grow Shiitake mushrooms from a block. I have had 2 harvests of mushrooms thus far. Currently, the spore block is back in the refrigerator to “rest”. Once done resting for 3 weeks, I will pull it out and enjoy another harvest. When the mushrooms are growing, I keep the kit near our work area for all of us at work to enjoy. We are all amazed at how quickly the mushrooms sprout up!

This would make an really cool gift for a family with young ones or a budding young scientist. There’s not a lot of work involved at all and it’s fun.

I have dehydrated some of the mushrooms for a treat during the winter months (we don’t get any shiitake mushrooms in our grocery stores here) and cooked the rest. What a delicious treat!

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