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Home of Annie and Annie's WoolensAnd thus begins another blog into the vast blog universe…

If you have ended up here, I thank you. My intent is to document bits and pieces about myself and the life my husband and I lead in Wisconsin’s pristine Northwoods. We feel blessed to have settled here. The daily joys of owning our own separate businesses gives our lives daily purpose. The special people who work with us are part of our daily mission. The views at any time of day from any home window gives us restoration and peace (and often amusement). We live in the woods with plenty of views of nature.  My hope is that you, too, can enjoy some of the goings-on of my life in the Northwoods as either being similar to or totally different from yours.

About Annie

Owner of Annie's Woolens since 1988. We design and make Personalized Christmas Stockings that connect families with Christmas tradition. Resident of Eagle River, WI since 1982. Loving our life in the Northwoods!
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