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Oatmeal and Cranberry Skeined Yarn is Temporarily Out of Stock due to Yarn Availability

Need to knit up a bunch of Christmas Stockings for your family and friends? You will love working with our lanolin-rich worsted weight yarn combined with our Annie’s Woolens Christmas Stocking patterns to create heirloom Christmas stockings for those you hold near and dear. These skeins come from one of the oldest woolen mills and spinneries in the country. We are proud to support an American institution! So order your skeins and you will have oodles of yarn for knitting Christmas Stockings!


You will love working with this lanolin-rich wool yarn! We have chosen this yarn from one of the oldest woolen mills in the country in Maine. We have been ordering from them for over 30 years. The yarn has a rustic quality and we chose the colors of Oatmeal, Spruce, and Cranberry to represent old-fashioned colors for our Christmas Stocking Kits and pre-made Personalized Christmas Stockings. Each skein has approximately 210 yds. of worsted weight yarn.

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Weight 7 oz

Oatmeal, Spruce, Cranberry


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