Family Sleigh Ride 2013

Family Sleigh Ride 2013

I am lucky beyond my wildest dreams! My husband and I have raised 3 daughters who are bright, happy, and productive members of our world. We have been thanking them repeatedly for being so kind to us as they grew up because we had heard any number of horror stories about raising girls. They were, indeed, very good to us and easy to engage with and nurture. Each has their own unique gifts which I would focus on as a way to support them.

They are now beautiful young women who have chosen equally beautiful and strong partners. All of the men in their lives are now part of our lives and they are easy to love as our sons. We also have two grandchildren that fill our “joy” cup to overflowing.

In addition, I have 2 brothers. My brothers and I are a little more than a year or less apart in age and, growing up, were often dependent on each other as playmates. That experience leaves me with a great affection for them and I happen to really like the women they have chosen as spouses! Their family circle grows as well with their own families.

With age and appreciation for each other, it is becoming more and more important to see each other more regularly. Our immediate family has been together almost every month this year despite the fact that we live hours apart (and in different states). We enjoy each other and always leave a gathering with another date on the calendar for our next gathering. It’s a beautiful thing with lots of silliness!

I cannot end this post without mentioning my parents. Now passed, they were good, loving parents who taught us some valuable lessons that I apply almost daily. My blessings began with them!

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