About Our Stocking Colors

The stocking colors you see on your monitor may vary from the actual colors of Annie’s Woolens Christmas Stocking products. For better color representation of our Personalized Christmas Stockings, a color brochure can be mailed or emailed to you upon request.

To request our newest Personalized Christmas Stockings brochure, email your mailing address to: anniwool@annieswoolens.com

NOTE: Each year we buy over 1000 lbs. of hand knitting wool yarn and wool fabric to make our Personalized Christmas Stockings. Therefore, the dye lots change from year to year. Please be aware that our colors can vary subtlely in lightness or darkness from year to year based on the dye lot. 

In addition, our Knitted Christmas Stockings may vary slightly in size from one design to another. We have made every effort to standardize the size of our stockings based on the yarn we have received in a given year. You are purchasing a handmade Christmas Stocking that is made with care and will last for many years.