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Annie of Annie's Woolens

Annie, owner of Annie’s Woolens

Our family moved to Wisconsin’s Northwoods in 1982 prompted by a relocation of my husband’s  business from Illinois. My love of the state of Wisconsin and the pride I have of living here amongst the majestic woods fills my soul up daily.

Life as a “transplant” of 33 years in the Northwoods has offered a multitude of riches. Here are some of the highlights:

* Birth of  2 more daughters in 1983 and 1986
* Designed and built our own home in 1986 where we currently reside
* Established Annie’s Woolens in 1988 as a part-time home-based business while raising our 3 daughters and exhibiting my wares at local art shows
*  Made the leap into the World Wide Web making Annie’s Woolens an e-commerce business in 1996 with my brother as my webmaster (and he still remains my webmaster today)
* Hired my first “employees” – my daughters! Each daughter has worked at Annie’s Woolens earning money to help pay for their college education
* Hired my first non-family employee, Kathy, in 2007. We just celebrated her 7th work anniversary!
* Celebrated the births of 2 grandchildren in 2011 and 2013
* TODAY – became a “newbie” blogger!

Life here has, indeed, been a rich and rewarding experience. I thank you for joining our Annie’s Woolens blog community. I’m glad you are here to check in on life in our neck of the woods! As a new blogger, your comments and insights are always welcome and appreciated.