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Annie’s Snowman Christmas Stocking appeals to both young and old, girl and boy. But for children, in particular, this may be their #1 choice! Among our most popular knitted Christmas Stocking designs, this might win hands down over all other designs we sell! Celebrate a time-honored winter activity of building snowmen by ordering your Traditional Snowman Christmas Stocking today!

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Building snowmen in the wintertime is a time-honored activity for adults as well as children. Haven’t most of us who live in snowy parts of the country found the joy of teamwork in building a snowman? Our Snowman Christmas Stocking pay homage to this activity which is often enacted during the Holidays when family gathers. So young or mature, feel free to order your Snowman Stocking and place it on the mantle in remembrance of fun winter play.

Order a Snowman Christmas Stocking today!

Features and Specifications:

  • Dimensions are 21.5″ long by 6.5″ wide.
  • Includes crocheted hang loop.
  • Individually knit and hand-finished. Made of 100% lanolin-rich wool from Maine.
  • Design is the same on the front and back of stocking

Stocking Colors: Main Color: Cranberry; Contrast Colors: Spruce and Oatmeal

Additional information

Weight 10 oz


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