Traditional Scandinavian Knitted Christmas Stockings...

Christmas Stockings for 2019 are available NOW!
Handmade Knitted Christmas Stockings make unique gifts for weddings, new baby, and anniversaries.

Heirloom-Quality Wool Knitted Christmas Stockings: Old-fashioned knit Christmas stockings add charm for the holidays. Begin a family tradition with some of the finest classic wool Christmas stockings on the Internet!

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$52.00 each * Stocking Measurements: 7" wide by 21.5" long.

Unique Scandinavian Designs: Choose from 8 original knitted Christmas designs: Santa, Snowman, Moose, Evergreen, Holly, Bear, Angel, and Cabin. Each Christmas Stocking is of original design.

Hand Knit Quality: Each Christmas stocking is individually knit and hand-finished. 100% Wool.

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Stockings Personalized

Want to make your own Christmas Stocking?

Hand knit your family Christmas Stockings with Annie’s Woolens Knitting Patterns and Knitting Kits!

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Christmas Stocking

Personalized Christmas Stockings with embroidered names:

Display the personal touch for the entire family with knitted Christmas Stockings.

Choose names - up to ten letters. Professionally embroidered personalization.

Christmas Stockings Personalized make unique gifts...

  • Wedding gifts
  • Christmas gifts
  • Baby gifts
Personalized Christmas Stockings

Available in 13 unique designs.