Banishing a Cold – An Essential Oil Testimonial

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doTerra Essential Oils for good health

Our family recently joined together in Bayfield, WI for a long weekend vacation along Lake Superior. Wonderful views, wonderful time with family, wonderful food, and…wait…yup…the onset of a cold!

It began on the second day of our stay and the only symptom was pain in my left ear when I yawned (did a bit of that as I WAS on vacation) or swallowed. Since I now travel with my essential oils, I broke out doTerra’s On Guard (a hefty blend formulated to support healthy immune function) and began rubbing that on the bottoms of my feet and side of my neck. I did this for several days thinking that, eventually, the symptom would go away. No such luck. Into the 4th day, I applied doTerra’s Breathe (more appropriate for congestion) to the same areas. I had better luck but symptom not gone entirely.

Well, enough was enough! I pulled out the big antiviral “guns”: Melaleuca and Frankincense oils. I applied a synergistic blend of both oils to the bottom of my feet and side of my neck with symptoms disappearing immediately and went to bed. Next morning I was symptom free for the entire day and ever since!

I began my exploration of essential oils with a bit of skepticism. However, with each successful experience I have had in the use of essential oils and testimonials from friends and family, the more my belief grows in their healing powers.  I am enjoying their daily use and love sharing my experiences with others.   Have you had an experience with essential oils that you’d like to share? Please post your comments. I’d love to hear from you!

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Another Argument for Walking

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New Yorker article about connection between walking and writing.

I recently read this fascinating New Yorker article connecting walking with thinking/writing that makes sense to me. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have.

My days for consistent walking will soon be numbered for a couple of reasons. I own Annie’s Woolens, a very seasonal, online business. As we near the Christmas rush and throughout the rush, walking becomes almost non-existent for me as the demand for good service keeps me working well past the normal 8 hours per day. Our local weather is also a factor. Yes, it’s absolutely gorgeous right now. But once winter starts to migrate in (usually around mid-Oct.), my walks outside on our roads becomes sporadic. So…what am I going to do? I am currently weighing my options:

1) I can go for night walks outside. I have done this before with mixed results. The wind is calmer but it’s colder and, hey, DARK! Some of my night walks have been absolutely breathtaking (I DO use my headlamp, of course). But, it is, again, unpredictable and I usually go alone since Hubby has already worked out early in the a.m.

2) Oh, yeah, early morning! Our local High School has a beautiful Field House track that is open weekdays starting at 5:30 a.m. I used to walk and run there until I suffered a knee injury while training for a half-marathon. I have not returned there since but it is an option. Just gotta switch up my morning routine (a major thing in practice, not in theory).

3)Join a local gym. I have used a partial year membership at this gym to train for a half-marathon in the Spring when the roads and weather are inclement. I could go in at any time of day or night. I would opt for another partial-year membership to get me through the worst months.

O.K. My goal is to improve my walking mileage over last year during my busy work season. Stay tuned for which option I choose and why. Off now to get my walk in…

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Annie Takes A Hit for ALS

I was recently invited to take the Ice Bucket challenge to support ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) by long-time friend, Holly, and accepted her invitation. This entailed me making a donation to the ALS Foundation, inviting 4 other people to take the same Ice Bucket challenge, and having a bucket of cold ice water dumped on me all within 24 hours of my invitation from Holly. Well, the challenge was on…

I figured out my video of the challenge would take place just before my work day at Annie’s Woolens was done. Had a busy day at work but, 20 mins. before quitting time, I filled up my bucket with cold water from the outside tap, dumped a full container of ice maker ice into the bucket, grabbed my camera with the proper settings and called out my co-workers who were all too happy to assist me.

And so it was: a cold ice bucket challenge with donation for a very worthy cause – makes me feel good and we all had fun! Perhaps your names will be called out to take the challenge. I encourage you to put it out there, have some fun with it and make a serious, well-intended donation to the ALS Foundation. Enjoy the YouTube video below.

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Ice Bucket Challenge for A.L.S.


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A Family that Plays Together Stays Together

Our family likes each other! In fact, we have had family gatherings or events almost every month this year! It’s pretty amazing and so much fun. When everyone visits our Northwoods home, we can expect to have both outdoor and indoor fun no matter what the weather. We enjoy playing all kinds of games, riding around the yard being pulled by my husband in his handmade wagon, going for walks together (night walks are the best in winter), and going to the lakes to relax.

Most recently, our family came home for a wood-splitting weekend. Our son-in-laws and daughters worked very hard to help my husband and I split and stack all of our winter wood. I was amazed to see it all stacked! I truly did not think it would get done in the few hours we all worked together. Many hands makes light work!

But once the work was done, it’s time to play! What a blessing to all be together so many times this year!

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Wow! She’s a Whopper!

Giant Snapping Turtle

Giant Snapping Turtle

Each spring we can see Snapping turtles or Painted turtles digging a hole in the ground in which to lay their eggs. They can choose the shoulder of a road (really?), someone’s garden, or in the middle of a yard. But, for the first time, a snapper chose to look in our yard for an appropriate place to dig her nest.

In the morning before work I spotted her in our yard. I could see her moving toward my flower bed along the south side of our house (perfect place, I got that!). She was a whopper! Before she reached the flower bed I barricaded entry using the chairs on our patio. She tried to wedge herself through without success. By this time, one of my work associates came in and she ended up moving the mother-to-be to a different part of the yard where she promptly (well, let’s remember she’s a turtle so “promptly” is a relative term) began digging.

Nope, that was not the perfect place either. So she moved to our gravel driveway and began digging. By this time, my husband and I headed to bed knowing we had an early start for a weekend away.

When we awoke the next morning, we found this turtle trying very hard to dig through the packed red granite driveway. She, obviously, was not making great headway. My husband left a 5-gallon bucket by her side to alert any delivery trucks that she was not a large rock in the driveway but a turtle (very thoughtful of him). We wished her well and off we went.

Upon our return, our driveway was a mess! And no sign of the Snapper. There were numerous large divots in our driveway suggesting that she had made many attempts throughout the weekend without any success of following through on any one hole! I do not know whether or not she ever found the perfect location for her nest. I could only wish her well on her mission, get out the rake, and begin leveling out the driveway!


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Enjoying our Fawns

Mother and Fawn

Mother and Fawn

We have regular visitors in our yard each evening and, if I could spend the day sitting and watching, probably throughout the day. The question that pops up each spring is: Have you seen a fawn yet?

May is the month when fawns are born and this year it seemed like early June before I caught a glimpse of one a couple of miles from home on my walk. However, now we have our own daily sighting of a mother with her fawn in our yard. They are both so wary and watchful while also curious. We enjoy their presence so close to our home. Without owning any dogs or other outside animals that might pose a threat, we reap the benefits of having all kinds of wildlife in our yard.

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Walking is a daily goal

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Balsam Lane in the Fall

I have been a runner for much of my life. No long distance running (although I have completed 2 half-marathons).  Just running for good health and meditation. About 4 years ago I was training yet again for another half-marathon and developed a knee injury which left me out of commission for months before it was properly diagnosed. Since then, I have opted for the very occasional run but like to stick to walking as my daily regimen.

I don’t have time to walk each and every day but I try my best to take the time. It’s good

meditative time. Perhaps time to work out a problem I’m wrestling with. Or time to just soak up the daily beauty of my route. No matter what the reason, I am now logging in my miles with an online tracker just for fun to see how far I actually walk a week, month, or year. It’s a way to push myself,  if I want, and a way to be more mindful about how much walking I am getting done.

I am fortunate to live in a quiet area that has a 3-mile route that is beautiful. Throughout the year (and remember, our winters are long), I make it a goal to get out the door (no special equipment or clothing necessary) and walk each day. My body and mind thanks me every single time!

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