Traditional Scandinavian Knitted Christmas Stockings...

Christmas Stockings for 2017 are available NOW!
Handmade Knitted Christmas Stockings make unique gifts for weddings, new baby, and anniversaries.

LAST DAY TO ORDER for Christmas 2017 delivery: midnight, Sunday, DEC. 10th, 2017.

Heirloom-Quality Wool Knitted Christmas Stockings: Old-fashioned knit Christmas stockings add charm for the holidays. Begin a family tradition with some of the finest classic wool Christmas stockings on the Internet!

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$52.00 each * Stocking Measurements: 7" wide by 21.5" long.

Unique Scandinavian Designs: Choose from 8 original knitted Christmas designs: Santa, Snowman, Moose, Evergreen, Holly, Bear, Angel, and Cabin. Each Christmas Stocking is of original design.

Hand Knit Quality: Each Christmas stocking is individually knit and hand-finished. 100% Wool.

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Stockings Personalized

Want to make your own Christmas Stocking?

Hand knit your family Christmas Stockings with Annie’s Woolens Knitting Patterns and Knitting Kits!

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Christmas Stocking

Personalized Christmas Stockings with embroidered names:

Display the personal touch for the entire family with knitted Christmas Stockings.

Choose names - up to ten letters. Professionally embroidered personalization.

Christmas Stockings Personalized make unique gifts...

  • Wedding gifts
  • Christmas gifts
  • Baby gifts
Personalized Christmas Stockings

Available in 13 unique designs.